Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Global Leading Technologies

Under the leadership of Dr. Zhou Yin, a solar tracking, wind engineering and structural expert, the Company has a highly sophisticated research and development team of more than 30 people, including 80% of doctoral and master's degree holders. Many of them have obtained the title of Entrepreneurial Innovation Talents in Jiangsu Province. KINGSUN owns more than 20 patents of various inventions and applications granted by the United States and China. The Company has achieved many innovations in the field of tracking for many years and has been rated as High-tech Enterprise and Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province.


The core technology team has accumulated more than ten years of expertise in the field of tracker development. Its proprietary product - high-capacity linkage tracker – is on par with the international leader, which can effectively improve power generation efficiency and reduce investment costs for customers. The Company keeps satisfying the ever-changing market demands through continuous technological innovation.

One-stop Project Delivery

We are committed to providing our customers with one-stop services from project design to product manufacturing and on-site services.


In the early design stage, the solution team will consider thoroughly the compatibility of trackers with modules, inverters, and box transformers, and present the most cost-effective solution. For the product manufacturing stage, the Company has multiple sites in Tianjin, Jiangsu, and Gansu. It is also planning to establish global production and manufacturing bases. In the field construction stage, the project manager is appointed to supervise the implementation. Experienced project management team in PV power plant construction management and delivery will rigorously control the on-site construction, material acceptance, product installation and commissioning, to ensure timely project delivery.

Rigorous Quality Control

In accordance with ISO9001: 2015 standard, the Company has established a comprehensive, customer-oriented quality management system that involves all the employees and processes, realizing a full lifecycle quality monitoring and continuous improvement of products from R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, operation to maintenance. KINGSUN’s products are certified by the internationally renowned certification body - TUV (IEC62817) in 2017, and by BV in 2018. ETL (UL2703 & UL3703) test is passed in 2018, and it is also actively applying for other standards or certifications.

Full Lifecycle Service

The operation and maintenance service of power stations is directly related to the owner’s “power generation income and investment return”. Through remote monitoring and regular on-site inspection and maintenance, KINGSUN provides customers with full life-cycle maintenance services, which significantly reduced the downtime of trackers and improved the power station efficiency.

By using leading remote monitoring technologies, we can provide high-precision, real-time alarm and remote diagnosis to further improve the system reliability.

Meanwhile, KINGSUN constantly explores the boundaries of customer services, and can also provide power station trusteeship service for customers, including power station operation and maintenance, regular cleaning, power station optimization and other services according to grid management requirements.

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